Composite Liner

Seventeen years ago, with the help of local merchants and civil engineers, we developed this product to overcome problems associated with the time and expense of building traditional block and membrane constructions.

Each liner is manufactured to the required dimensions at our factory and is delivered to your site ready for fixing into place.  The concrete base and block work surround are still required but once the liner is placed in position, a waterproof construction is assured.  NO LEAK TEST REQUIRED!


Our standard GRP specification for this product includes a rigid 6mm wall thickness, an isophthalic water resistant gel-coat and class 1 (BS476) self extinguishing resins.  The internal gel-coat is coloured to blue BS 18-E-53, external flow coat coloured white.

Special details can be included to suit the requirements of your site.  Provision can be made for bolt boxes, service ducts, over or undersized flanges or any other anomalies.  Larger composite liners which may pose problems with  transportation can be delivered in sections and joined on site by our operatives.  This enables “tanking” of larger lift pits and plant rooms.

This product also gives additional protection on sites where hazardous ground gases  require control and management, and can be considered as impermeable to frequently found types of gas such as methane, carbon dioxide, radon and hydrocarbons.  For installations in these conditions, special attention must be paid whilst selecting the correct adhesives to be utilised when sealing membranes and service entry points  to the liner  

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